Monday, 5 May 2014

So much to catch up on!!

I just wanted to pop by and say hi, I have lots to tell you about and fill you in with but not much time at the mo!!
I start a new day job tomorrow - still part time but over more days so I need to be productive and plan my time well to fit everything in!
I have some photos to show you of this weekends demo down in Watford but tonight I am busy sorting out my demo kits for the different companies I demo for as I am feeling really dis-organised right now!!
I will share my efforts with you soon!

Monday, 31 March 2014

A little re-vamp and more in the for sale section!

hey folks!

I have really neglected my blog lately, I have been demoing every Saturday and spent a week at the NEC for the Hobbycrafts show so am just catching up with all the things I should have done and need to get the old blog-a-roo firing on all cylinders again!

I have re named my craft room that craft cave until further notice as it is way too messy to be a room right now! and have lots of projects on the go!!

The de-stash is continuing and I am just updating my for sale page on here as I did a table top sale and I am note sure what went on the night so just sifting through boxes and updating it box by box!

I have a few other bits and bobs to share with you but will come back with some photos!!
Oh and I have added an events page where I will put details of all of my demos, classes shows etc so if you want to pop along to any there will be full details on there!

Take care

Lisa x

Monday, 10 February 2014

Aged Gold Bird Mini Book - Using Fiskars Fuse Die Cutting Machine

This cute but oh-so-hard-to-photo mini book was made from die cuts, the cover is a die cut scalloped square - die cut and letter pressed on the fuse machine using some gold card i found in my paper drawers, I have no idea where it was from there were just 2 lone sheets of it! I wish i had more as it had a worn / crackled look to it!
the bird is cut and letter-pressed from the same gold card and some black ink rubbed over it to bring out the gold crackle look!
the pages were just some kraft paper folded into zigzags and stuck to the covers
definitely not the easiest to photo but if you are at the NEC in Mark or Ali Pali in April i will have it on my samples tree!
Lisa xXx

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Too Messy for Words Let Alone Photos!

Hello folks,
Long time no blog - i have been having some bad computer problems, seem to be over the worst now after weeks of trouble shooting the reason my internet explorer kept on crashing I tried everything google had to offer me! Sadly to no avail, so now I am masking the problem by using the firefox browser! most things seem ok on here so fingers crossed I am back in the land of the blogging!

My craft room is a horrific mess at the moment while i am trying to downsize rooms I have a lot of things i need to get rid of! I am adding them to my FOR SALE page - link across the top, i have some pictures to go with the photo-less items but no promises they will be up today!
I am just sorting through things box my box ans shelf by shelf so no certain order to things at the mo, but getting there!

My plan is tomorrow to update the events page on here but at the moments I am a bit of a poorly bunny - had a cold last week and had a cold sore come up Thursday but its developed into an infection and my lip has swollen to around 7 times the size!!! can't talk (some may say that is a blessing!!) and can only just drink using a straw, I went to the walk in center yesterday as the pain is immense and was given antibiotics but its still swelling so may have to go back and see the doctor tomorrow. So feeling a bit sorry for myself and keep wanting to go lie down as my face is so sore but telling myself i am just wasting time and i need to sort this mess!!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy new year bloggers!
I hope that you have all enjoyed the festive season, we certainly have in the craft fairy household!
Today has been a relaxing day and I have actually had my first lay-in and rest of the holidays!
This year I am not so focused on resolutions but more so have a few things I want to focus on in 2014, first up is diet, I put my diet on hold several times last year with changing jobs and various commitments and by the time I felt ready to get back in the saddle Christmas was fast approaching! So I have dusted off my old book, had a read, and made a shopping list ready for me and my friend to join a slimming world meeting tomorrow! This year I got myself a cheap day to a page diary with the sole purpose of using it to log all things diet related, my food diary (good or bad) and achievements. The black and white book in the photo is what I use to store my recipes in, it contains a few recipes handed down from rob's mom, some tried and tested keepers, some yet to try and the 2013 pickled onion recipes (more on those in a few weeks when they are ready to try!!)
My second focus is my blog and my crafting, 2013 was a busy year for craft for me and my blog was neglected, so was crafting for myself, so this year I need to keep my blog posts regular and spend a bit more me time in the process! I also plan to offer a weekly freebie draw to give something back to my readers! I also aim to post every day even if it's just a little diet update!
Lastly my third focus is de-cluttering, this applies not only in my studio but in all aspects of life! I will continue to update my for sale page as I sort things through and will update it again as things sell. I am such a hoarder so a house de-clutter is also in order!

So no resolutions so to speak of, but a few things to focus my energy on!
Off to polish off some choc starts tomorrow!
Lisa xXx

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

All wrapped up felt bow Fiskars Fuse card!

I love a bit of felt, really love it!! And I also like a non-traditional-coloured Christmas card too!!
So here is the perfect combo! Using some scrummy first edition papers again (I love these so much every set is so nice!!) and a stampin' up die to cut the whopper of a bow, I finished the card off with a letterpressed die cut greeting made on the Fiskars Fuse Die Cutting Machine

Monday, 9 December 2013

Traditional Christmas Card using Fiskars Fuse Machine

A simple yet effective Christmas card from me today, as we get closer to the festive season I still have some Christmas cards to make and this will probably be the design I go with, it's quite a quick card to produce but a decent size (6x6)

I use the fiskars fuse to letterpress onto some canvas type paper that I found in my stash and inked the plate up in 2 colours to tie in with my background paper which was from a first edition Christmas stack from last year!

A few paper roses inked in the same inks and Bob's your uncle! (actually Bob is my Grandad!!)
I think is will be mostly Christmas on the blog from now on as I do have a few things to show you!
Lisa xxx