Thursday 24 September 2009

A Big Craft Room Update!

Just a little update on the room... it is coming together slowly

First up is felt, felt glorious felt... i have manged to jam full a expedit cube with the fuzzy stuff!

Here is my little puter space, where my bum is parked when i blog, the desk is a folding one and doubles in size when needed which is great for an extra production line space!

The shelves my comp table is up against, the shelves are full but most of these things are not in their final resting place!

This is the space to the side of my desk, my little metal bin filled with rolled up stuff like vinyl and paper, and my silver ikea drawers, i don't remember how but the first draw is missing a handle so i fashioned one from ribbon!

My lovely drawers with my TV, my small accucut dies and printer on top - this is still quite messy but it is on my sorting out schedule!

The tops of my shelves behind my computer and a little to do  magnetic baord that i have put up, it is actually a cook book stand but i like it up there

My Billy shelf combo - top left

Top Right

Bottom Right

Bottom left

Top of my dies bookcase



Top right of my expedit

Top Left

I am not showing you the bottom yet...far too messy!! My desks run along side my expedit and they are messy too so once tidyed you can have more pics!!

Crafty Cuddles

L xXx


Rachel said...

wow that is a lot of stuff, looks fab thou

Hazel said...

Wow!! It's come on a treat - great storage and such a lovely selection of goodies x

Tina said...

Oh My your so organised well done it looks lovely

Mole said...

Gosh! You look so organised!!!!!

Kerry said...

WOW such a lot of stash. I am very green now. It looks super organised.

Julia Dunnit said...

It's fantastic, you must be like a pig in poo in there!! I take it you drink lots of tea?!