Sunday 27 September 2009

Die Cutting Drinks Cans....

Mr Fairy is quitre partial to a can of beer so there is no shortage of beer cans in the Fairy household!!!
The picture is made using his empty cans!!

I also made a matching card with the same die cutter...

all you need to do is:
Make a stab with your scissors at the top of the can, just as the hard rim of metal finishes and the softer metal of the can begins.
Cut atound the top of the can cutting the solid top section off
Then cut down the can from top to bottom
And cut around the solid bottim part of the can, you should be left with a rolled up sheet of metal
PLEASE do be carefull as at this stage it can have sharp edges, once die cut the edges will not be sharp or rough.
Different cans have different finishes inside, i prefer carling as they are more of a shiny metal, Fosters is more of a lighter brushed metal which also works well and gives a diffferent effect
You then just use you sheet of matal like you would card in your die cutter
This will only work with the thick sizzix dies or equivalent so do be carful not to try it with the thinner dies

The frame is a box type frame, it was about £2 from a cheap odds and ends shop
I just cut the shape out 3 or 4 times and layered it up with foam pads cutting them down each time to the wheel was infront of everything else to give it some dimension.

This would be lovely with flowers and different shapes and would make a great and very cheap pressie!


L xXx


Carmen said...

What a great excuse to drink loads of beer! :D It's research dear *hic* :P

Love the picture it's really effective - I bet he will absolutely love it!

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

OOoo great idea :D They always say to use tomato puree tubes but mine are really crumply and would be impossible to straighten LOL

I love that you are choosing your hubbies drinks to co-ordinate with your projects LOL :D

Julie xx

Hazel said...

That's a very resourceful way of recycling! it's great x

Sam said...

Great idea, there's no shortage of beer cans here either!! LOL