Friday 18 September 2009

Face Cloth Cupcakes...

This is a idea i have used for a few different occasions, they can be adapted really easily and are pretty quick and cheap to make!
For mine in this photo i have used pre made cupcake cases, i got mine from ebay as i could not find anything locally.
You have to roll the flanel to give the muffin shape and the instructions below are the way i do them and this seems the most effective!
1. Lay your face cloth / flanel out on your worktop
2. Position the flanel so that the corners are pointing up, down, left and right, so it resembles a kind of diamond shape.
3. Fold the top corner down just over half way
4. Fold the bottom corner up to the edge of the fold where you folded the top corner down
5. Now fold in half from top to bottom (you may have to repeat these stept to get it the right hight for your muffin cases)
6. Starting on the left roll the flanel along to the right, i tend to roll mine slightly tighter at the bottom to give the muffin top kind of look!!
7. you should now have a cupcake size rolled up flanel, pop this into your cupcake case and tweak as needed
8. Add a little something to act as a cherry, i tend to use a path perl attached with dowble sided tape but you could use a lolly or sweeties of something a little more expensive!

In this photo i have made little card baskets on my robo and attached little choc eggs on the top - these made great easter gifts!!

If you have a go at these please do send me a pic, i would love to see them!


L xXx


jayne said...

These are sooooo cute , I especially like the easter baskets x

Unknown said...


Sally said...

What a brill idea - thanks for sharing it!

Mole said...

Very effective!

Sadie at said...

What a lovely idea, they are so pretty

Angie said...

Those look extra tall cases ... must have a look around ... brilliant idea for stocking fillers or when a little gift is called for ...thanks for sharing.

evie winter said...

They look so good, my only concern is the recipient will be dissapointed when they can't eat them!! Might have to try this idea, thanks for tutorial. Evie

clare said...

Hi hun x Thanks for the tutorial..what a great idea..esp this time now as Easter will be with us soon..what a great gift for the older family memebers.

TFS Hugs Clare xx

Anonymous said...

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