Sunday 6 September 2009

Just a Quick Craft Room Update!

I will post pics once i am up and running properly!
My Shelves came at 7am Friday morning!
Friday night i built 3x Billy and 2x Benno by myself, this took me just over 5 hours! I finished at 12:50am and was toatlly shattered!
I spent all of Saturday day moving things on to the new shelves to make space to build the expedit (which i would later find out would totally fill the room when building it!!!)
Once enought stuff had been moved to make 2m x 2m clear floor space i begun building the expedits! These did not take me as long but i had to call Rob to help me with the last side and base piece for the big expedit and to stand it up!
Today i have been sorting through things and trying to find homes for them, i am not finished yet but have a little desk for my comp set up, none of the other desks have been built yet as i need to get things off of the floor and onto shelves first!
I really have worked my stripy socks off for this room!

Floppy & Achey Hugs

L xXx

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