Tuesday 22 September 2009

Photos on Cards...

These are 2 cards i made for a pets competition in a craft mag a few months ago...needless to say i didn't win!
But they have my cards so i wanted to blog these pics as i love the photos i used off my little molly moo!

Her "real" name is Molineux... this is the name of the wolves football ground... it was my bartering stick for getting a dog... and i only call her it when she is bad!
Like today when i came home to a chewed mascara!

I don't think she is coping very well with me going back to work after the 6 weeks holidays! This week me and Mr Fairy have come home to some sort of destruction every day!
Mr Fairy works shifts and is on days this week, the first time sice the holidays finished, on Nights and Faternoons she gets lots of daddy time and the destruction subsides!

Well back to the cards! the pink one with lace is my fave, i was quite pleased with it really!

I am biast, but think she should have one by cuteness alone!!


L xXx


Unknown said...

Fabulous cards and that lace is yummy!

Julia Dunnit said...

The cards are lovely! We had a Black Lab who used to chew when he had the hump with us. The most unlikely things too, so am guessing you're right - give up work - stay at home and craft all day!

Hazel said...

These are so lovely (and the cards in the post above) x