Thursday 29 October 2009

Review :: Big Shot V Big Shot Express...

It arrived today, which i thought was pretty fast as i only ordered it Tuesday afternoon!

In comparison it is actually smaller then the original BS if you take into account the handle!!! There was no putting together, just un-pack it and plug it in...and your off!

I must say i totally love it, i really {heart} it! It made cutting 70 place cards this afternoon a walk in the park, it whizzes the dies through so fast and the cutting is super clean.

I am now cutting (and embossing) almost 200 butterflies - pics tomorrow

It came with a new set of cutting plates that i tried at first, but i wondered how it would cope with my bent and gnarled cutting mats that i am using in my manual big shot, i thought that it may not like the way they had curled and that they may be hard to get through the machine... no problem at all, they whizzed through like a dream!

One thing i will say is tht it is not the quietest machine in the world... it sounds a bit like a drill, but as it is so fast it only lasts seconds!

All in all i think this is a great addition to my die cutting family... i may sell my original BS when my big shot pro arrives hopefully at the end of November but will wait and see, at the moment it is siting under my desk like one of the rejects from toy story... what a horrible crafter i am!


L xXx


Angie said...

Great review ...envy you all your machines though.

Mole said...

I am very thick ... but the two machines look almost identical. What's the difference?

Lisa Bird said...

Hi Mole, One has a handle you turn and the other is electric without a handle

Claire said...

Can you please explain to my husband why I need this machine, as he just doesn't understand why my big kick & robolite are not good enough. LOL!
Maybe I could ask Santa