Sunday 3 January 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR! :: Resolutions too...

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hope you enjoyed both Christmas and New Year celebrations...  Yes it has been that long since i blogged!!!
Which brings me nicely on to my resolutions! Maybe if i blog them i have more chance of sticking to them!

Resolutions for 2010
1. Diet...same resolution every year! I am going to try out the new Rosemary Conley diet plan...will keep u updated!
2. STASH Diet... I have way too much stuff so i intend to have a clear out and go on a good stash diet. If i do want something like a die :o) then i have to make enough cards or gifts from it to pay for itself, same goes for punches but there is no need for me to buy anymore paper, stickers, embellishments etc tools only!
3. Be a better blogger! I intend to update this blog and my stampin up blog at least once a day between them, but i am aiming to do both every day!
4. Excercise... i have room for the Wii and Wii fit up here now if i move 2 of my desks (they are on wheels so its not too hard!)
5. Be more tidy, i can totally trash my craft room in less than half an hour!! I need to be more of a tidy crafter!

I will bring you updates of my resolutions for the year regularly, feel free to send me a comment if you think i am not trying hard enough!

Right then... resolution 3 - better blogger... i am off to upload some photos!

Hugs and sympathy or those of us who have to go back to work tomorrow! I wish i had a crafty job!
L xXx


Kit said...

all the best with your resolutions!

Emily said...

good luck with all the resolutions :)

Rachel said...

Oh dear I think 2. might be snookered with SU!