Monday 15 February 2010

A few cards and a little hospital update!

Firstly, thanks to everyone who sent kind messages about my trip to the hospital today, it went ok, if not a little dissapointing!
I was expecting to go in, be checked over, given my new medication, talked through it and shown how to do it. Not quite! We arrived at the hospital at 9.30 and left just after 12.00!!!! And in that time, well not as much as i had hoped happened!
I went in and waited for the nurse, she took my blood pressure, height and weight and sent me off to do a urine sample (something else men have an easier task with!!), then she sent me to another waiting room where i waited for a doctor to see me (none of this was explained at the start we were very much playing it by ear!). We went in to see the doctor, who told me off about my weight and about my shoes! I am 25years old i want nice shoes! he talked everything into a dicterphone (sp?) asked me several times if i was considering a family, to which my response was a firm NO! He gave me a prescription and packed me back off to the nurse. The nurse gives me a blood sugar monitor and showed me how to use it as i had not used one before and then told me that i needed to collect the prescription for my injection and comeback another day to be shown how to use it.................WHAT? I was not going to be shown this today??? nope, too many nurses off sick so they will write to me with an appointment grrrrr i cried over my breakfast this morning for nothing! So we just have to wait for the appoinment and go through it all again!

Anyway.... back to the cards!

These are some cards from my batch card making!!

I am going to post again tonight as i want to sell my cricut create machine so am going to pop all of the details on here!

Lisa xXx


tea_bag said...

Oh dear how awful all that then not to be shown and have to go back I love your cards they are all fab alma x

Ali said...

What a nightmare - hope you have a glass of wine in hand!!! your cards are lovely - how cute are the owl ones - def. my favourites. Take care X

Hazel said...

Sorry to hear about the hassle at the hospital. Love the cards - particularly the owl x

annmarie said...

BIG hugs for your hospital visit. Why do they always treat you like a number not a person? It's just so rude! (Though I know it's easy, having been a teacher, to be so used to the way things are done that you forget to tell everything - a bit of experience soon tells you what you have omitted!) You'd think they'd have got their act together by now!

No wonder you needed to do some cards after that! And they're lovely - I love the frames round the 'pictures'.

Hope you manage to get everything sorted and your health back to the best.

Sandra said...

((( big hugs))) you poor thing. What a disappointment for you. I so wish you the best of everything xxx

I'm glad to see that you made yourself feel better with these gorgeous cards.

Sending you love and hugs

Alana said...

So dissapointing for you, hope you can sort it all out soon.

Unknown said...

these are lovely cards. Hope your next visit to the hospital goes better. Its rubbish when stuff like that happens :O( I went recently to be told that someone else had cancelled my appointment (another clinic) so I told them I wanted to see the consultant (as I'd just found out I had a tumor 2 days before) and would have charged in to the clinic had the receptionist not sorted it. Sometime they forget you are human and worry!!

Paula x x x