Sunday 21 February 2010

Snow Day!

Our pooch is the most difficult creature to photograph...she just does not stay still!!
So these pics are a little hit and miss but the best i could get!

She just loves to stick her head in the snow, she is a strange little pup but we do love her, furry parker coat and all!

The last pic is my fave, but i have just noticed the poop! Sorry i have blogged poop i will photoshop it next time!

wet noses and waggy tails

Lisa & Molly xXx
P.S something crafty later...promise!


Judith said...

cool coat. Seems she just hates a head shot. x

Unknown said...

Great coat. Just need some wellies now.

Katy said...

Aw how adorable are these pics? My dog is also fascinated with snow and likes to stick his head into it!