Tuesday 9 February 2010

Wow What a Transformation!

Today I had a new window fitted in my craft room, we have been saving for the window for a while and we had money for christmas which we also saved, it will be so much warmer now and a lot less damp, you can see the water on the old window which meant i could not really put things on the window ledge

This is the window with my pen pots etc on it...pretty

And just time to slip in a crafty buy.... patterned vinyl film 79p from Home Bargains, i just couldn't resist it will look fab cut on the gricut and robo!


Lisa xXx


Julia Dunnit said...

Amazing what a difference it will make - I wonder how long it'll be before you stop noticing it! The film is fab...am tempted by that, for sure!

jay670120 said...

the film looks yummy and the widow makes it look more bright and airy ! nice x