Thursday 4 March 2010

Off the Radar!

Hey Bloggers!
Just a quick post tonight to let you know i am still here! It has been a really tough week for me mind you!
Monday was injection D-day, it was a horrible day!
Rob came with me to the hospital, we were there just over an hour, i met my diabetic nurse and she skipped over what i had to do with my injection!
I left quite dazed really not fully knowing what i had to do! But they way i thought it worked was that the injection was like a pen, you pressed it against the skin, pressed the button on the end and the needle popped into my tummy to dispense the medicine. WRONG!!!
Once i got home and has a good look for myself it turns out that you have to screw a needle onto the end of the pen (the needle was about 2cm long) you then have to push the needle into your tummy and then press the end to dispense the solution. I could cope with the idea of not seeing the needle, but having to watch it go into my tummy really distressed me!
It took me an hour to do it, and lots of sobbing! What a mess!!! And a wimp some would say!

So i have now been injecting since monday evening twice a day, I had a panic attack in the night on monday and a terrrible pain in my kidney which turns out to be a water infection but the doc has said i need to relax, i don't relax very easily but i am trying, it is hard though as the injections make me feel really sick at times! I have taken a couple of days off work - doc wanted me to have a week but i think that would just lead to more stress!

I have nothing to show you though i am afraid as i just have not felt like crafting!

Hope i feel better for a crafting sunday!

Hugs (and thanks for all the kind messages xxx)
Lisa xXx


Di said...

Oh, Lisa, my heart goes out to you.I hate hospitals and doctors etc.The nurse should have done the first injection for you.I can only hope for you that the whole thing won't seem so horrific in a couple of weeks time.I'll be thinking of you. Big hugs, Di. xx

Unknown said...

Oh I'm sorry you are having to have a rough time of it. I have to inject myself weekly with a drug and originally had pens like the ones you thought you were getting but then I developed a phobia of the noise they made. Now I inject with a normal syringe. I was sobbing so much that my dad had to hold me while my mum did it once. I must admit that it does get easier. Might not seem like it atm. Hope you feel better soon! Terri x

Glen said...

Awww...(((hugs))) for you Lisa. I can't imagine how it must have been for you. You are so brave. We had a foster girl several years ago and she had to inject herself each day which absolutely sent me rushing for the sick bowl. I freak out at the sight of injections and blood! I do hope you feel better very soon and get back to your crafting. I love your creations and clever ideas. TFS. ~Glen~

Bea said...

Sorry to hear about your pain with the injections and hope you are soon well and feela able to get back to your crafting. Take care - Bea

JaneH said...

That sounds really scary for you, Lisa. I hope it gets easier for you! Chin up... you'll get there.

Dan said...

I had thought it was a simple pen-type thingy too, until I read your post. I hope it's getting easier and that you feel better soon!

Ali M said...

Hi Lisa..
i do hope you are getting the hang of it..I really 'feel your pain 'LOL!!had had to self inject whilst going through 2 cycles of fertility treatment and really hated doing it but knew I must..Just take a deep breathe..and soon it will become part of your everyday routine ,just like brushing your teeth!!Take care..big hugs ..
PS..I think your blog is great!!

Kath said...

I am so sorry you have had such a nasty time. Maybe it would help if you talked to the nurse at your Drs practice. I can't think of anything else other than I am thinking about you.

furrypig said...

Bless you, it sounds like a rotten experience for you! Hope it isw getting better, shame I wasn't nearer or I would offer to come and help!

Ali said...

Oh Lisa, I really feel for you - I am a total wimp with needles - hope you get used to it quickly ((hugs))

craftygranny said...

Hi Lisa ,

Hope you're feeling better and getting used to the injections . I have to do the same twice a day it freaked me out to start with but 8 months later it has become second nature .