Friday 16 April 2010

Snug as a Bug in a..... Box?!?!?

I am really pleased with how these have turned out!
They are filled with little choc bugs that i got from the Lidl easter range

They started life as sizzix shaker box die cuts, possibly my most well used box die!
Cut from my fave wood effect cardstock...i love this to bits and find it hard to part with!

Some pearly die cut and layered bugs

and the most important additition....chocolate!

Finished off with a sprinkle of doodling

Bugs and hugs

L xXx


Sandra said...

oh wow ... fabulous - not a big fan of bugs, but this I'm likng ... a lot :)

Alix said...

oh those are so cute!!!

Unknown said...

What lovely gifts. So cute.

Charlotte said...

These are really nice! You are obviously very talented and creative! I'm not a massive 'fan' of bugs either but they are a lovely gift for kids! I'm a bit new to this crafty world but did you buy those box nets or make them yourself?
I have just joined your blog as a follower as it looks great!

Lisa Bird said...

Hi Charles,
Thanks for the nice comments and becoming a follower too!
The boxes were die cut using my big shot machine, they are cut using a metal die that cuts the shape into paper card or fabric the die i have used is the sizzix bigz XL Shaker box
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

Lovely,lovely,lovely-- I have had a lovely time having a wander around your blog
Kindest Regards Linda

Susan Payton said...

What a wonderful blog. I have enjoyed so much reading it. Thank you for letting me visit.