Monday 14 June 2010

A Higgledy Piggledy Day...

Today has been a bit of a mad day, I was not at work, nor was Rob due to this weekends events but also over the weekend Molly has not been well. She is a funny little dog who has a grass and pollen allergy, when a dog has an allergy it shows in their feet and Molly being a terrier just chews and chews at them!!

It had gotten so bad over the weekend that she was limping and i had to put what we calle her lampshade on her collar to stop her chewing but that makes her very unhappy!!
So she now has some strong tables that i hope will do the trick!

Yesterday i did some sorting out and wrote some ebay listings, i ran out of time to get them uploaded so have just done it now!
If you are after a camera, wii, wii fit or something a little crafty you can see what i have listed here

Have a good evening

Lisa xXx

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