Wednesday 16 June 2010

Hollicombe Beach and Park Devon...

Sorry... More holiday photos! I got a little side tracked with the events last week so do have a few holiday pics i still want to blog, they are for us really so we can look back at them so i will still post crafts everyday so you don't get bored of me!!

This is the little park that you had to walk through to get to the beach, we went every day cos molly loves the beach!

You go through this little railway tunnel to get to the beach

And just through the other side voila.....beach!!!

Molly had it all to herself for a little while which she thought was great, but as soon as someone walked along they got a good telling off from her...afterall it was her beach!!

A rare photo of me and not a very good oneas the sun was behind me!! Now we are back off of holiday and things are getting back to near normality i must get back into my diet and my exercising!


L xXx

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