Saturday 19 June 2010

How Many Stairs???

This was the position Molly assumed when we came back from a 10 mile hike and the stairs of death!!!

Going down the stairs of death (that is what i have decided to name them after uppping and downing them) was not so bad... but going back up was a killer and i counted each one!

The photo above is rob about to start the climb after a V steep ramp

I took photos ever so often to show the full extent of them!

Can you guess how many there were?

Rob and Molly made it to the top but my tubby self was a little behind and i was carrying 2 bags as well!!!

Woohooo!! i made it to the top....the top of.... wait for it........98 Stairs!!!
Phew don't fancy that agian in a hurry



Ruthie said...

Aw - Poor Molly!!!! Bless!


Claire said...

How many stairs?? those photos are begging to be scrapped :)