Monday 7 June 2010

Last weeks Holiday in Devon...... Part one!!

Last week Rob, Molly and Me headed off to Devon for this years holiday!
We had some lovely weather and really had a relaxing week, the holiday was a gift from Robs mum and dad and was the bestest gift!!!

Molly loved it too and visited the beach every day!!

She adores the beach, she likes a tiny paddle but could sniff and lick seaweed all day (ewww i know!!)

I think these 2 pics are cool, we have been on a health kick lately since joining the gym about 12 weeks ago and on holiday i slobbed out, but rob still jogged and huffed and puffed oh and did rock press you do!

and the last pic is of molly or moo as we call her!! She is not crazed like she looks here but she had been rolling about on the beach and by the time i had focused on her...she was up!

I have a few more pics to show so i will post a few along side something crafty each day so you don't get totally bored of it!!


Lisa xXx


Unknown said...

Oh wow. Gorgeous.

Sarah Nello said...

Your dog is cute and your photos fab!