Friday 4 June 2010

Sneaky Sweetie Preview - I have been shopping at Sweets 4U!

Look at all of these yummy sweeties!!! A new shop has opened up in Wolverhampton called sweets 4 U I paid them a visit and got this little lot!

They did not come all bagged up, i have bagged these my self ready for some fancy toppers for the summer fair!!! My craft room smells like a sweet shop!

I got chatting to they guy who owns the shop, Steve, he was really nice and ever so helpful so if you live in the area why not pay him a vist, he has over 200 jars of sweets - old fashioned styleee and also penny and novelty sweeties too! If you fancy a visit he is located on bushbury lane opposite somerfield supermarket

L xXx


Lorna :o) said...

Cant wait to see the finished items! I want a sweetie now! LOL

Unknown said...

Yummy. Want to share?

Sarah Nello said...

Mmmmmm... i am a sucker for those kind of sweets. Too bad i don't live close!!

Unknown said...

did you try them all to make sure your customers would be happy with the taste and quality... I would have had one of each... just to make sure, you understand!!! LOL...

Paula x x x