Saturday 14 August 2010

Oh Look What the Postie Left Me!!!

I came downstairs this morning, after a really rubbish nights sleep might i add and Rob had taken a little brown box from the postie. I looked at it and thought, i recognise the logo on the packing tape, but being half asleeps it did not register, i proceeded to open the box and what a lovely suprise there was inside, 3 card making kits from the lovely Thomas at the dot com gift shop - thank you Thomas!

I ma going to have a play with the 2 kits above, but the one below I am going to send out to one lucky blog reader!! Keep your eyes peeled for how to enter later in the week!!!

I am really looking forward to having a play with these and will of course show you what i make with them!!

Before i sign off for the day, i would love to hear from some crafters with die cutters
I am planning on gearing my blog a little more towards die cutting, it is what i love and most of my cards involve die cutting in some shape or form and that will not change, but i want to include some tutorials for my readers, I have sold my bigshot and have ordered a cuttlebug to replace it, this will leave me with a cuttlebug and a big shot express so i will be able to produce tutorials for both machines which i think will benefit a lot more people than just using the one machine.
The last few weeks i have had loads of emails about various die cutting dilemmas and I love it, I love helping you all and would love for this blog to be your first port of call for die cutting dilemmas!!
SO..... i just wondered if there was anything specific you would like me to start with?
I would love to hear from you guys if there is something you would like to see explained in pictures and i will set to work on it!
I am also going to include some big shot pro tutorials too mixed in with a little bit of cricut and Robo for good measure!!

lisa xXx


Post Pals said...

I'm getting a robo (or rather my charity is but its living with me so I will be able to use it), I would love tutorials on it, ideas and also if theres anywhere to get free downloads for it :)

Hazel said...

Something that I find hard to get answers for is what to die cutters do, whats the difference and what extra little bonuses does each one do. I have just ordered a big shot but i have no real knowledge on the subject I just know you can use a lot of dies on it lol! Definately basics first I think, then move on to cutting different materials maybe?

Karen said...

Excellent idea Lisa!!! Recently got a Cuttlebug and would love some hints and tips, new ideas etc. Thanks!

Di said...

I've just followed my friend Karen (above)and bought a Cuttlebug. Have ditched the Quickutz Epic Six that I had no end of problems with :( One thing I can't work out - and there may be a simple solution - if I stamp and colour an image and then decide I want to die-cut round it using a scalloped die or whatever, how do I go about centering this as the image needs to be upside down and the die can't easily be lined up. I bet there's a simple solution, or even a few, but would like ideas please. I just decide on the die shape and cut it out before stamping the image at the moment.

Claire said...

I really do need to use my robo more, but haven't a clue how to design with it, any help would be wonderful

PepPop said...

Great kits, what a lovely surprise. Looking forward to your tutorials, any cuttlebug help is always appreciated. Jaqui x