Thursday 30 September 2010

New Baby Card for a Baby Boy - Made using Cricut

I was really pleased with this card when it was made as a request for a neighbour, they had stopped me in the street to ask if i still made cards, it must have been because of the handmade christmas cards I sent out last year!
I said yes, she told me what she wanted and i advised that large cards made to order were £2.50 she said "is that all?" and i said i would drop it round to her.

So I made this card for her and dropped it round, and left it with someone else in the house hold explaining to them what it was for. i have left it for several months and even not blogged the card as i was a little miffed and she has never paid for it. I know its only £2.50 but i just feel its a little rude!
I saw her afterwards and she avoided me several times so i don't feel comfortable to approach her!!
Anyway i felt i had to tell the little story about this card as i had held off blogging it for so long!

The font i have used is Don Jaun on my cricut and i think the papers are K&Co
The little die cuts in the collage at the side are also cricut and finished with some ribbon and some bling

Hope you like the card, sorry its an older card.... I have spent all my free time and energy putting my massive lot of dies on ebay!! There is a link on the right if you fancy a look!

Lisa xXx


Sandra said...

such a shame, you would think she'd be over the moon at this gorgeous card. Still, I suppose we all live and learn.

Addams said...

Lovely card, shame you werent paid for it. She is the one to miss out as she wont get another!

PepPop said...

It's a lovely card and the little bling collection is so cute (especially the nappy pin)... I think it's terrible that the woman didn't even have the decency to pay for it. Jaqui x

Ruthie said...

Just shocking when they dont pay - especially as it costs you to produce it in the first place. I think its lovely - and how awful would it be if the recipient is a crafter and sees this???

rainbow_poppy said...

How rude, I hate it when people take advantage. Most people would have offered more, it's a lovely card.

Scrappy~Sarah said...

A beautiful card, such a shame she would not pay for it!! I remember a while back making a wedding guest book. I was paid for the ingredients, but not a penny for the time it cost me!