Monday 13 September 2010

Tutorial for Die Cutting and Embossing Beer and Pop Cans

I have had a few questions about die cutting beer cans so thought I would do a little step by step as it can be a bit dangerous!
Please be oh-so careful doing this and do not let children do this or cut with the flattened out cans either as they do have sharp edges! I take no responsibility for accidents arising from chopped up cans!!!

Firstly you need to wash the cans out!! I cut mine up on a tea towel as they can still have a little bit of water in them!!
The hardest bit is making the first cut in the can, i always start at the top and use a sharp pair of scissors to stab a carefully hole.

Then with a strong pair of scissors (that I don't mind getting scratched or damaged) I cut round the top removing the top of the can

Then cut all the way down the can to the bottom section

Cut around the bottom section to remove it then trim the edges of the sheet of can you are left with to remove any jagged bits.
I wrap all my offcuts in newspaper before throwing away to prevent injuries!

This sheet of can can now be die cut (using the thick Steel Rule dies only) when cutting cut with the shiny side facing the die.
ETA Suitable dies are the thick sizzix dies, like the originals and Bigz dies, this will not work with thinner dies. This will work in both cuttlebug and big shot using the relevent sandwiches.

It is hard to explain but because of the way the die cuts, it softens the cut edges and rounds them slightly so they are not sharp anymore

You can also whizz the metal through embossing folders, a little tip (which i have not done here!!) is to cut a shape using a die, then emboss it as it deals with those sharp edges, or you could die cut a frame from card to overlay the embossed cans sharp edges!

Different cans have different coloured metal in them too, and if you use tomato puree the tube cut open is great and can sometimes be gold in colour


Lisa xXx


Addams said...

That looks great, may give that a go, bit wary about cutting myself though! said...

Fantastic idea - thanks for sharing. x

Ali said...

Thanks for this - can I ask what you mean by steel Rule dies??? I have some sizzix dies but not sure if they are suitable??

Alix said...

crikey that looks a bit scary...the effect is great tho!

Janice said...

Brilliant tutorial, thanks for sharing, like Ali though, I don't know what you mean by steal rule dies. Also can you do this in a bug as I don't have any of the other machines. Jx

Lisa Bird said...

I have edited the post with a bit more die informat - thanks ladies x

Unknown said...

I throw lots of cans away forgetting I can do this. Thanks for the reminder.

Jenny said...

Great idea, especially when the boy could drink like a fish! *lol*

Sheila said...

Arrived here from DC site and this is fab! Thanks so much for sharing - will need to get hubby to do first cutting tho as I have no feling in my fingers due to a long term health problem.
Fab blog by the way! Sheila:)X

Janice said...

Please visit my blog - I've been playing! Jx

Sarah said...

Brilliant x