Saturday 6 November 2010

Hobbycrafts Show at Birmingham NEC - What a Fab Day I Have Had!!!!

This is my craft room floor!!! Rob helped me carry my bags straight from the car up to the craft room, I think he was scared i was going to sit and show him everything in the living room like i normally do! So i have unpacked the bags onto my desks and photographed the evidence!
I went on my own this year, i normally go with Helen but she is on Holiday (how could she double book the best crafty shopping day out?!) so i toddled off on my own but chatted to a few people that i met on my way around!
The highlight of my day was doing the Sizzix make and take, I loved it and even met a lady from sizzix who had been a great help to me in the past so it was lovely to put a face to a name!! Pics of the sizzix workshop make tomorrow :o)
Anyway enough nattering you wana see what i got don't you?!

I think these were a fab bargain! There are 72 pegs in this little wooden box and they are not mini pegs but not full sized pegs and super cute, whats better is that they were only £1 these will make some cute accents, embellishments and gifts!

Card Blanks, from one extreme to the other, 3.5" square and 8" Square, i do score some of my own card blanks mainly A4, A5 and A6 but i do like square ones as they are great when pushed for time

A craft work cards bargain pack and some stick on messages, again great for quickness!

These cottage cuts borders really caught my eye, great for using with scraps and i will see if they will cut fabric but i am not sure they will! They should have been 9.99 each but were 2 for £10

And i a so pleased i found these! I have never seen these before but i did have my eye on the cuttlebug ones, but at 20 odd pounds they were just too dear but i got all of these for almost the price of one cuttlebug one!
I have so much on in the way or Christmas makes that i may not to get to play with these right away but they do look cool!

these punches were a bargain at £5.00 each, the pic is totally naff, but one is a butterfly and one is a snowflake

These were also great value from create and craft, £5 each, one set was 24 sheets of pastel 12x12 card with a linen texture and 24 sheets of vellum and the other was 24 sheets of bright linen and 24 sheets of bright pearl 12x12 card

This was reduced, i really wished i had some of this when i was doing Halloween this year so i got the reduced to £4.99 to put away for next Halloween!

Some odds and ends, some flower dies that i got because i loved the demo on the crafts u love stand, a holly die, a little journal frame stamp and some pins that were BOGOF

3 paper stacks from the crafts u love stand

I don't know what stall i got these from, i think it was gadsbys, but the offer was 12 for £10 i wish i had got more note pads than notelets but i got 6 of each, i am hoping to use them for Christmas pressies

These were from the everything for £1 stall, this stall was also 12 things for £10 so i got the above and the envelopes below

The envelopes turned out to be a massive bargain as when i got to the till the man told me they were 3 for a £1 - 120 envelops for £1 crazy money! So i was aloud to go and get 4 more packs!

All in all i had a wonderful day, I don't think i looked at everything but i looked at everything i wanted to and spent plenty of money, although not as much as when i go with Helen, i make more impulse buys when we are together and do spend more!

Did you go? What did you buy? I may have even had a little natter to you! (i had a black flower in my hair, a peachy coloured top on and pink back pack - ooh what a combo!!)

Lisa xXx


pickle said...

Fab goodies ..looks like you had a great day! enjoy playing xx

Anj said...

would loved to have gone - sadly not this year - I have crafted all day though like a good little girl!!!

Jane (Carroll's Creations) said...

gorgeous goodies!

so excited as I'm going tomorrow

Hugs Jane x

Netty said...

You really did so well with all your bargain buys. Happy crafting. Annette x

Sarah said...

Wow, wow, wow, love what you got!

TAM said...

I went yesterday and had a great time - didn't come away with as much as you but as you've said I got what I wanted and saw who I wanted to see.
Looking forward to seeing some creations with your new stash

Katy said...

wow looks like you had a fab time and go some lovely bargains. x

Sarah said...

Looks like you have got some awesome bargains, cant wait to see what you make!!!

enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

Hazel said...

You obviously had a good time and got lots of bargains - and I like your make and take Santa x

karen said...

Wow! I wish I lived in England! What super fabulous stash you got!

Dwita said...

Oh, Lisa, how I missed all your stories... I love reading all the things in this post. You're so lucky to have them all...