Thursday 25 November 2010

Snowflake Shaker Christmas Card - Using Tim Holtz Snow Flurries On the Edge Die - With Tutorial

I had been really looking forward to this die arriving but when it came it was larger than i was anticipating and did not fit in with the idea I had in mind, so it was back to the drawing board and this is what I came up with. I am not entirely happy with the card, but i like the concept so it needs a little tweaking but as i had taken step by step pics i thought i would blog it anyway!

Firstly cut a sheet of A5 card in half (or A4 into quarters), then you need to cut the card using the on the edge dies at each edge,  pointing in to the middle of the card leaving a frame all around the edge of the card

Here is a pic of the die to give you more of an idea of how it cuts
I get most of my dies from and they do have this one in stock HERE

Next take a craft knife and a ruler and cut along the short edges of the piece of card to create a thin frame and enable you to remove the centre pannel....

This is what you should be left with

You will then need a sprakly backing card and a piece of acetate just a mm or two smaller than the card you have die cut.
Turn the die cut panel over so that the front is away from you and attach the actate to the back of the panel with double sided tape or ATG

Next you need to create a frame all around the edge of the back of the die cut piece using foam tape, It is important that all the edges join up so that there are no gaps and also that you can not see the tape when you turn it over.

For the next part i have used some glittery fake snow, but if i was to do this agian i think i would just use glitter and sequins as i think it will shake a little easier

Sprinkle a little of your filling onto the acetate, try to avoid getting any on the sticky parts of the tape!
Next you need to attach your sparkly backing to the back of the die cut piece (sparkly facing the glitter / snow filling) you should then be left with a neat little sandwhich and when you turn it over and give it a shake it should be all pretty!!

To complete the card all you need to do is mount it on to a card blank, i have mounted mine onto a card blank of the same size but you could mount it on a larger one and leave a border, as i said i need to experiment with this idea as i am not totally happy with it!

I finished mine off with a little ribbon as i thought it neede something!!

Not sure which way up it should go though!!

I hope you have a go and if you do i would love to see your results!
Feel free if you do have a go to link to the tutorial

Lisa xXx


karen said...

Wow! I think this card is beautiful and don't see how you could improve on it!
Personally, I prefer it horizontal, so the snowflakes are at the top and bottom :)

Effie said...

I love that die!

PepPop said...

Great idea and card. Loving the die too. Jaqui x

Dan said...

Such an inventive way to use the die! :)

Mad-Frog said...

Stunning card, that die is fabulous

Alix said...

oh i have to have that die too! gorgeous!