Wednesday 10 November 2010

WOYWW - Still plenty of mess!!!

Still looking messy in the fairy studio!!
This week saw a trip to the NEC on Saturday so i am still trying to find homes for my new goodies! And then there is christmas crafting to be done too, i find it hard to craft in a mess so am planning on having a tidy tonight after i have been to weight watchers (we get a new diet tonight - how exciting!)
You may also a new toy of the apple iPhone 4 nature there on my desk too, my upgrade from work that i can not use yet as it seems to be taking forever to migrate my normal sim to a micro sim - come on O2 sort it aaauut!
There is also a finished batch of snowman soup lurming in the middle there too!

My other desk, that should be my die cutting desk under all of that junk - arrghhh i need to get some stuff on ebay!
I have listed a few more dies on Monday - link up top if you want a nosey!

Will have a hop on your workdesks when i get home from work!

Lisa xXx


Mandi said...

Mess, that don't look like emss to me!
oh I hate putting new thigns away, I like to look at them for ages hehe

Love your card on the thread below, so pretty

mandi x

jude said...

Thought your crafting space looked tidy.have great day hugs judex

PepPop said...

Isn't it great shopping but it's finding places to put it all when you get home... Jaqui x

Maria Moorhouse said...

I like the way you have disguised your die cutting area,it looks just like mine!
Maria inkymits x
#84 i think

Sue Althouse said...

Doesn't look that messy to me. I've seen much worse right in my own home!
Sue #92

Pam said...

It's okay if the desk is a little messy when great things come out of it, so you're in the clear dear!
Plus NEC - I'd love to see that in person!
WOYWW #2 this week!

Annie said...

What a fab snoop this week. Snowman soup? Isn't that just water? :-)
A x

Julia Dunnit said...

Well you may think it's untidy but blimey - you're pretty organised from where I'm sitting! I get the snowman poop but what are the limes for??!! And 02 - I ended up ringing and getting them to start again with the migration..on't leave it more than 24 hours - it means they haven't done it. Arrgh!

Anonymous said...

Lots of sweeties and candies on the desk, are they all for little Christmas gifts perhaps? Love all the new stash on the earlier post, looks like loads of folks went to the NEC, apart from you pal of course!! What was she thinking!!

Brenda 90

Dotty Jo said...

Thanks for sharing the fun! Jo x

Hazel said...

Doesn't look a mess - just a haven for lots of delicious crafting x Hazel #100

Zue said...

You have a very creative desk, if you know what I mean. I am lucky, too old to even know what an i-phone is!
Sue xx 60

Spyder said...

very organised and not messy at all! Happy WOYWW

Dragon said...

I went on Friday and really enjoyed it as not been for ages because of my ops!!! This is a really great space... Wish I were organized!!!

Mrs A. said...

Thats the tidiest mess I have ever seen. Your tattered flowers are gorgeous.

Chrissie said...

Doesn't look too messy to me!

karen said...

Messy = Creative
That's my theory, and I am sticking to it! lol
Lots of fun stuff on your desks! Thanks for the peek!
And I hope you get to use your iphone soon!

Ali said...

Oooh new stash is always a good reason for a messy/cluttered desk! :D

Ali #115

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's bad enough that I am running nearly a week late, then I have been plagued with that pesky 503 error all night. Just wanted to drop in and let you know I was here this week. Finally found your post. Hazard of not getting here on time. Love the flowers in the nex t post though.