Wednesday 8 December 2010

J... is for Josh.... M is for Mess....

I soooo struggle with boy cards!! Esp teenage boy cards!

But I do love Kraft card, so that was a good place to start!

I am such a messy crafter, as i was punching away to get the happy birthday border i looked down at my crossed legs and saw the mess in the photo above!

Even the dog is not safe with a little bit of punch waste stuck on her sleepy nose!! Bless her, its not the first time she is part of the crafty mess..... she twinkles most of the way through Nov - Jan which is the glitter season!


L xXx


Netty said...

Ooh they look like chocolate biscuits, fabby card. I did laugh at your poor dog with a scrap bit on his nose....good look. Annette x

PepPop said...

Love the card and couldn't help but giggle at the doggie pic. Poor pets - our cats run when the glitter comes out. Jaqui x