Monday 27 December 2010

Nooo! Don't Throw it Away!!!!

Before you throw all the Christmas rubbish away, have a little rummage through and snaffle any pretty or sparkly packaging!
As we move into New Year I am going to do some tutorials and projects to get the most from your die cutting machine, there are so many pretty things to cut that do not cost a penny, from acetates, giftwraps and even purfume boxes like in my photo!

Just collect a few bits and bobs over the next couple of days and meet me back here with your die cutter at the ready!

a couple of sparkly tags.....

....and some white corregated card from inside a perfume box

see you back here soon!


Lesley said...

Can I come live with you Lisa?? I was ridiculed by my family for saving the remains of our crackers which are a lovely black/white damask design, tied with silvery grey organza ribbon! I almost wept at knowing I had to say goodbye to some of the packaging my sisters gifts came in...

Lesley x

Blueberry Heart said...

looking forward to your tutorials on die cuts from leftovers - splendid idea!
Love your sale stash too, if only I wsn't so 'shopped out' I could face going to get some bargains...may muster some energy after a bacon butty....!
I have thouroughly enjoyed all of the tips, ideas and photos within your blog - I'm one inspired blogger.
Wishing you and yours a fab 2011 Happy New Year!
BH x

CraftyTart said...

Bring on the challenge! I saved cracker wrappings and stuff... cannot bear to throw it away! I shall show all my family your blog just to prove a point. Happy New Year!!

Bumblebee said...

I also get mocked by my family for squirreling away all the wrapping paper!!! I'll look forward to this tutorial!