Tuesday 4 January 2011

Call of Duty T-Shirt - Made Cutting Garment Vinyl on Craft Robo / Silhouette

I made a couple of T-shirts for Christmas Pressies this year, they are quite easy to do, just a little time consuming!

you have to cut the design from the garment vinyl in mirror (iron on side up!) It is really easy to get wrong if you do not check before cutting!

this is a little shot of what it looked liked in my Robo software before cutting

and this is what the transfer looked like after cutting and weeding (picking out all of the little bits you don't want in the design)

This is it ironed onto the T-shirt

and this was a little one i cut for Mr Fairy (its on my shelf, still not ironed it onto the shirt!! Rubbish Mrs Fairy!)


Unknown said...

Wow they look great! I have always been a bit scared of such techi stuff as the craft robo - I thought I had done well just moving from the old red sizzix with lever to the Big shot pro plug in! lol!

Addams said...

Wow, they look fantastic, what a brilliant idea.

Unknown said...

This is great Lisa - I've never done it on the Silhouette before - but i've done the type that you just print out and I wasn't overly impressed...

Paula x x x