Saturday 8 January 2011

A Crafty New Year Clearout - And lots of Ebaying!!

All day today i have been listing things on ebay!!
I had a massive sort out of my Accucut dies last night and have been quite ruthless, I had 8 shelves of them, It has taken quite a few years to build up that kind of collection but i need some more room, each die cost so mcu more than i have listed them for as they all come from America along with high shipping and customes duties on top!!

I have some other things i am going to list on there tonight, some standard dies and some stamps ar amoung the box of bits i need to get on there this weekend!!

I am also adding a few bits on to the crafts for sale section of my blog (link at the top) that i don't want to put on ebay due to the fees so i will keep adding the little things to there on a first come first served basis!
There is also a link to my ebay items on that page too!

Think i will have to stop soon and cook Mr Fairy some dinner!!


Unknown said...

If you have a scotty dog, give me a shout by visiting my blog! love annie xx

Sandra said...

Goodness you've been so so busy.