Friday 28 January 2011

Embossing Folders, A few little observations and somthing to look out for!

I just wanted to give you a little update on all things embossing, I noticed the toher day that Sizzix have made some fab changes to some of the newer embossing folders, on the one in the photo above (not the easiest things to take photos of!) that they have started making some folders with one side slightly smaller than the other - the result, well when you emboss a whole card there are no more embossed lines from the edge of the folder! Yay!

The second set of folders i looked at, again Sizzix are slightly different but with the same result. These have a beveled edge so the edge is thinner than the rest meaning you can place these little folders anywhere you want on the card with no markings!

Last of all i picked up this embossing folder in Hobbycraft, its a Do crafts one but had a fab free gift!

I like the way the design is printed on the folder, makes it much easier to find the one you are looking for

And this is a pic of the free gift, in each pack there are 2 sheets of core'dinations card and a little square of sandpaper, not sure if you were meant to get 2 packs or if i was just lucky!!

Sorry if i am teacing you to suck eggs, I hope this was useful to some of you!


sandra de said...

The beveled edges are a clever idea.... it is so annoying to have that line when you emboss. See you taught me something and it was useful.

Sandra said...

I love the fact you give us all your little titbits of things you've noticed :)

Netty said...

Thanks for the info, great help. Annette x

Highland Monkey's said...

Thanks for sharing all your ideas, very inspirational

Andi said...

I've also bought the heart folder and yes you were lucky, I only got 1 card pack lol