Sunday 16 January 2011

Shopping Bag Sunday!!!

My stash diet and food diet are going as bad as each other really!!
I am not on a total stash ban, i have given myself £20 per month for essentials, but after seeing Tim's releases for Sizzix at CHA i think there may be a couple of months when i may loosen my belt, but dies are tools, and tools last forever right?!
As for the food diet i have sever dates with the gym this week straight from work (arrrghh) and am thinking that i may even go an sign up for a weight watchers meeting so someone can kick my ass every week!!
Anyway, the shopping bag! Well this year as things just seem so hectic with the gym and work and life in general I am going to try and replace the sweets sued in my gifts with other things so a) I can not eat them and b) if i don't get round to using them they will keep and i wont have to eat them!!

 So i found these in home bargains, not that clear at first glance what is in them but when i picked it up and gave it a shake i could see there were 10 little individually wrapped bath bombs in there - great for valentines i thought and only 99p, for all my thrifty readers you can unthread and keep the satin ribbon too!

I then popped into Hobbycraft (next door to home bargains) and found this roll of self adhesive velvety stuff that is fab for die cutting and i think it will punch too!! A metre of it for 1.49 seemed like a bargain with valentines day on the horizon!

They also had in the new valentines isle these cute wooden words, great for decorating and only £1.79 each which i thought was good, i plan to do a couple as a little extra for my stall this Christmas!!

Well that's it in the bag for this week, its doubling up as a post bag as i start wrapping the things that have sold so far from my eBay auctions and my pre-loved crafts page!

Lisa xxx

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PepPop said...

Yep dies are tools and last forever :) If you need anyone to talk you into buying something guilt-free give me a shout :) Jaqui x