Saturday 22 January 2011

So Sorry.... Such a Neglected Blog!!

Hello Bloggers, just a quick post to say how sorry i am that my blog has been so neglected this week!!
Sometimes life just takes over!! Work has been hectic this week and where I would have normally been home for 5pm i have been going to the gym striaght from work and not getting in until almost 7pm, then there is dinner to cook and general things to do and I have just let crafting and blogging pass me by this week! This week I have also had ebay items to wrap and post (they all went off to the post office this morning!) and have also joined Weight Watchers!! If there are any other WW out there do get in touch i could do with a diet buddy!!
I am so glad it is the weekend and i have realy been looking forward to it!! I have a couple of new sizzix dies to play with so plan to get some valentines ideas underway!
I just wanted to let you know i was still alive really!! I will be back later with something crafty!

Lisa xxx


tilly said...

Flippin eck ----- sounds like you are busy enough to loose weight without the gym, to much like hard work lol
Tilly x

Diane said...

I know what you mean Lisa, where does the time go !! By the way...did you ever do the draw for the calendars ??

hugs Diane xx