Friday 25 March 2011

Crocheting :: Crochet Granny Square Number 2

I have completed my second Granny Square!! Thanks for all of the lovely comments about my first square last week, i am trying to do one a week, may have a blanket for next winter!!!
Although i have taken this up for something to pick up and put down in the evenings i can see it being something i can sit outside in the sunshine and do too!!!

A lot of people said to me that they have tried and struggled, so i just wanted to share with you this book it is the book i have been using and i love it as i find worded instructions impossible to follow but this has drawn out stitch patterns so if you are somone that works better from photos than words it may well just get you hooked!!

Hopefully i will have another to show you next week!!

Lisa xXx


Mairi said...

I must agree with you it is a fabbu book, I teach crochet and find this is one of the best to use with my students!

camcraft said...

Fab. Square. Well done you for mastering to crochet. I have just ordered the book .. Thank you for the info. Managed with a lot of help to do some 'freeform' (theme was connected to 'Darwin') crochet at a workshop at a local museum last yr. sadly I cannot remember how I was shown to cast on - so back at square one again .. am determined to be able to learn how to crochet, learnt to knit after failing for yrs. so there's hope. I will blog any progress I make.
Carole x