Monday 21 March 2011

Mini Tutorial :: Re-Stickying Cutting Mats For Cricut and Craft Robo / Silhouette

After all of the comments I got on Wednesdays post I thought i would photograph the re-stickying of my mats and make a mini tutorial for you guys!!
This works on all cutting mats, I use the same method for my cricut and robo mats!

Firstly i scrape off all of the glue, if this is the first time you are re-stickying you wont need to do it but i am lazy and tend to put new glue on over old if i am in a rush so when i re-sticky them properly they need a scrape!
I have this little scraper that came in a toolkit but you can use an old bank card

Once i have scraped all the glue off i give them a quick scrub then leave them to dry over night

Once dry they are ready to be made sticky again! I have tried various glues and this is the glue i find a) lasts longest and b) is the least messy!! It hase a really chunky tip so doing a 12x12 mat is done in seconds!
The wrapper comes off when you open the pen so i have photographed the spare one if anyone wants to go hunting for them! I got mine from Ebay

I have re-stickyed over 10 cricut mats plus arouns the same in ROBO mats and the same pen is still going strong , i would say its around half full now

To re-sticky i simply colour my mat in, i only go in downward strokes and there is no need to pump the pen it flows just right with light strokes

The most importsnt thing to remember is to let the glue dry well before using or adding the cover to the mat, it needs to be completely clear with no shine, this can take a while, I notmally leave mine overnight just to be on the safe side that the sticky is not too strong!

as i said before as it starts to loose its stick i sometimes just give it a quick scribble if i am in need of a quick project!!
I have 2 mats for my machines and have been using them since i had them, they do get marked but this does not affect them when cutting!

Hope it helped
Lisa xXx


Anj said...

thanks Lisa

crafty becca said...

Thanks for sharing this, i have gone through quite a few mats and tried different glue so i will try this :-) x

Jen said...

Thank you, need to do it now.
jenjoy x

playboymum1 said...

thank you for this, will try this later today xxxxxx

MiniOwner said...

Brilliant! Off to search Ebay! Thank you.
Sue x