Monday 11 April 2011


I have not blogged in ages, I am so sorry I have had a lot going on and life just took over for a little while!!!
I am back on track and have been having a clear out today!! I have way too much stuff and way too many scraps too!!
Soooooooooooooooo..... I have come to a little solution, I am going to make up all the things i have sorted out in to goodie bags, it is way too many bits and bobs to list on ebay and I don't have the time! So I am going to offer them to followers of my blog (if you are not a follower you can follow me using the link in the sidebar)
I have added a photo of a sample bag, it really overspilled and you can not see all of the 6x6 papers and other bits that are underneath the ribbons and flowers! this is one of the bags but each one will be different and if you need a certain colour scheme like spring or valentines i will do my best just include a note with your address email!!
Each bag will include: Prima flowers (2 bagged sets, plus loose flowers too), Buttons, Ribbon (at least 6 lengths), 6x6 papers (20 sheets), Tickets (12), Slide Mounts (8), Tags (5), a selection of felt flower die cuts, trims, and card die cuts, that is as a basic, I will then add extra items from my clear out stash too which i only have a couple of so each bag will be unique! And each bag will be worth much more than the £4.00 I am charging (free postage too)
Fancy a Bag (or 2?!?)
If you would like a bag please send £4.00 (per bag) by Paypal GIFT and then email me with your address and stating you have made payment simples!!


Ali M said...

What a wonderful idea..! I would love 1 for my little girl Abi.,she will 8 in October & loves getting things through the post,(doesnt happen very often!),and 1 for me too!..I will send you details later..if you could address it to Abi she would be sooooooo thrilled!!..thanks
PS..great to see you back blogging..xx

Bagpuss685 said...

Do you have any of your prima flower specials left, I forgot to sort it out previously with you. I have the money here waiting

SAM said...

i recieved my bag today and its well worth the money its great thank you