Saturday 30 April 2011

Mini Tutorial :: Getting Tim Holtz Tattered Leaves to look like they do on the box!

I love how the Tattered Leaves look on the die box so thought i would have a go at re-creating them!

First of all i have torn out a page from an old book and shaded it with a mid - green pro marker - I have used lime green

I then die cut the leaves using the tattered leaves die, from the coloured in book page

I then just tickled the edges with my darkets green pro marker - I used Forest Green

I then went over the dark green dragging it inwards about the width of the chisel pen nib with a green lighter than the one i used to colour the book page in originally - I used Leaf Green

Lastly I coloured the whole leaft in with my lightest green - Meadow Green

I am quite pleased with the outcomes and plan to experiment with some oranges and yellows if i have enough shades!

To give them a little more texture i folded the leaves in half down the center then folded them up to give the look of veins and to give them some shape too!


Emy said...

Thanks for sharing - Colour in the leaves first! I always would have coloured them in after when it was really fiddly!

Jen said...

Thanks for the tutorial, keep up the great on your blog.
jenjoy x