Wednesday 27 April 2011

WOYWW :: Goody Bags in the Making!

Not very exciting this week as i have had to tidy up due to going back to work today :o(
As you may have seen from the pic on the right, I am selling off some of my stash in goodie bag form so that is mainly what my desk is filled with, you can see a small selection here....

And here....

and lastly on my die cutting desk is my Vagabond having a much needed rest, you can see how hard he has worked from all of the dust on him... this time last week he was new!!!

Mooching through everyone elses desks will have to wait until i am home from work and gym.... boooo!


Andria said...

Nothing etter than a good de=stash ...I'm busy destashing old stamps and selling them on ebay, if they've not seen ink in the last 12 months they're gone lol.
Andria #29

Marjo said...

Thanks for the peek and sharing, bunches of hugs Marjo #18. Have a great WOYWW

okienurse said...

Lots of fun stuff on your desk. bet you sell out of the goodie bags quickly. Thanks for sharing. Vickie aka okienurse #37

Nic :) said...

Oooh i love the idea of a goodybag stash clearout :)
i should do the same with my old unwanted stash too.

Can't wait to see what goodie bags you put together, please rememebr to show us the link of where youa re selling them ... i may be tempted ;)


Cauliflower Cupcake said...

Love the look of that Vagabond. Oooh I see you have that magazine on your desk just like me. See my post - I'm IN it!!!
Have a great WOYWW and good luck with the sale of the stash.
Rebecca (38) x

Sarah said...

Are you selling bags to pay for Mr. V ???
Thanks for the peek.
Sarah at 8

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

So many lovely things there. do tell, is the Vagabond in a goody bag too? I am guessing not. Never mind. Sorry for the late posting this week, but weddings, Bank Holidays etc do get in the way.