Saturday 14 May 2011

Internet Holiday!

Hello Bloggers!!
I just wanted to say hello, and I am back! I was feeling a little creatively blocked and struggling with what felt like the pressures of blogging! So I took an unplanned holiday from the Internet!! No surfing, No blogging, No hopping! And only the smallest of internetty-ness on my iPhone too!!

I feel much happier and much more creative ready to share some more of my makes with you again, I am not sure what they will be, I have some pics that i have taken over the past few weeks that still need to be blogged but I want to get creating some fresh things too!!

I am being more and more drawn to fabric at the moment and want to start playing with this  and using my dies in there too, I am also enjoying crocheting too so can see this popping up on my blog from time to time too, I seem to have concentrated on cards, cards and more cards lately and I would like to have a go at some different things so watch this space!!

While I am on the subject of Fabric, does anyone have any scraps or of cuts they would like to swap for some card making or scrapping stuff or even one of my goodie bags, I have lots of felt but would like to play with some pretty and vintagey patterns too!! If you know of any nice little places that will sell me just a few bits and bobs to play with too just drop me an email (

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, I am hoping, some fresh new blog postys!!


Unknown said...

Hi Lisa glad you had a nice break! I've got some bits n bobs of fabric from my failed adventure into sewing, I don't know if they are your style but I would be happy to swap.
Welcome back!
Hayley x

Caroline said...

Welcome back, Im glad your mojo has found its way back too. Fabric is such fab element its one thing I have played with since a very young age, my latest creation being a cushion that took only 2hours! If you have one near you, John Lewis sell their fabric by 20cm, so great for small projects. X

Jen said...

Glad to see you back Lisa, sounds good, can't wait to see your creations.
jenjoy x

VPlum said...

Good to have you back - can't wait to see what your creative juices have been up to..