Monday 25 November 2013

Too much stash and always something to tidy!!

Now all of my demos for the year are over I feel I can relax a little and give my studio a much needed tidy, it has been trashed over the past month where I have dumped one load of things and boxed up another for the next demo!
Today I have been sorting, putting away and tidying, I am not finished yet and still have lots to do but I am getting there!
I am updating my FOR SALE PAGE tonight and will add things to it over this week too, I have lots of patterned papers that I have sorted through and think I may put together some little kits with them with some other embellies etc in and pop them on here too!
I still have a way to go with my tidying efforts but am finding the de-cluttering quite therapeutic! And as always I have a little helper!! Molly loves nothing more that to wander around shedding fur on a clean desk!

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