Thursday 20 August 2009

A Little Bit of Shopping...

I popped to Ikea this morning...I don't know if this applies to all stores but ours is always manic!!
I went early but it was still pretty chaotic!!

I had to go as you can not order desks via the website...the desks i wanted would not fit in my tiny little car! So i had to get the smaller version. I was going to have birch to match the flooring and expedit but the smaller desks only come in white, they will go with the billy bookcase so all is not lost!! So i left with three of these and this bag of legs...

The legs i have picked are a bit of a mixture! One desk will have normal legs, this desk will house my big old ellison die cutting machine. Then the 2 other desks will be for crafting at, one will have 4 caster legs so will be totally movable and the other will have 2 casters and 2 normal so can be moved if needed, the caster legs are expensive (£8.00 each) which i why i have had one that is half and half!! That bag weighs a TON by the way!!!!!

I brought a desk to keep my laptop on, and it folds out a bit bigger so i can pop my robo on there too, it is called a muddus!

I also brought 2 sets of these and 2 sets of these i thought they would be handy to put bits and bobs in as i am sure i will unearth plenty during the move!

This was another buy of the day, i often like to sit on the floor and sort through bits or watch TV so this will be perfect - i just wish they did it in pink!

And because my little Molly is never more than 2ft from my side i couldn't leave her out!!

Rob and I have nicknamed it "the flower bed" I thought Rob would hate it, but he is actually quite taken by it!!!

At the mo i have put it in the new room, but i am still in the old room however she is asleep in it in the new room!! Think she quite likes it!

Skirting board tomorrow then i can start shifting things about!

I was a bit disappointed last night when i went to order the furniture that needs to be delivered - the website said the expected deliver date would be the 28th! i really wanted to move in next week cos i am back to work the week after so i am just hoping that they will come early!! Fingers crossed peeps!!

This is what i have ordered
5x5 Expedit in Birch

5x1 Expedit in Birch

Billy Bookcase System

Benno DVD tower

So i hope it will come soon as i really do not know where to start at the moment!

Will take some pics of the skirting and new blind tomorrow


L xXx

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Anne said...

Wow, I'm sure it'll be great. I love Ikea shopping.