Wednesday 19 August 2009

We have worked so hard...

Grab a drink and a comfy seat this could be a long one!!!
Well.... we have made a lot of progress since i last blogged, i would have blogged last night but i was dead on my feet! we were laying floor until 8pm and only stopped because we both thought we were going to faint unless we had some dinner!!
So i have let it slip that the floor is laid, but the walls were painted first! Yesterday before we started the floor I painted all 4 walls with 2 coats each... today I can hardly move!

I am pleased with the colours now they have dried... i was worried that the green was a little dark, but now i like it!! It is not so lime green as i had pictured but does look nice!
The tops of the walls need a second coat, the walls have had 2 but Rob was doing the cutting in on the ladder and only did one coat so we will cover the floor over and do a second coat tomorrow.

You can see the floor in some of the pics, we finished off the floor this morning but did 90% of it last night!

It is a little darker than i thought i would be but i really like it and for a first attempt actually really enjoyed doing it we had quite good fun! I did all of the measuring and rob did all the cutting - we make a fab team!

You may have noticed but there are a few things that need doing, the windowsill needs doing but we are waiting until we get the new window...Robs mum has offered to give us some money towards the window for our Christmas pressie which will be brilliant as money is a bit tight at the moment with rob not on full time hours.

A little bit of after floor playing!! Molly thought it was great fun laying the floor and chased her tail round and round!

This is the man himself, i think he looks lovely in pink!!!! He does not look so impressed!

And for my final pics, i just wanted to show you one of my future projects!! These are going to be my paper store. I rescued them from school as they were going in the skip which i think is such a sin!!! They are solid wood and each draw holds a ream of paper, they weigh a absolute ton!
I carried them up stairs 2 drawers at a time!!
They have been in the room a while and we decorated round them! I plan to decorate the front of each drawer with a different patterned paper in pale pink and green (so if you can recommend any please let me know!) There are 2 units but i have removed the legs of one and stacked them up - once the skirting is done on Friday i will secure the top one to the bottom one with a little bracket. I need to give them a clean and then take the alphabet letters off of the front of them, i really love these drawers, Rob is not so keen, i guess they are not to everyones taste but they would cost hundreds to buy something similar.

I am going to order my expedit and billy bookcase from ikea tonight which i hope will come Friday and we can build that after the skirting is done - then its all go and i can get moved in!!
I just hope everything i have crammed into this little room fits in the big one!

Thanks for reading

L xXx


Bren said...

Well Done, you room is looking so good :)

Sarah said...

Wow, you have been busy, looks great. The colour looks good on the walls and I LOVE those drawers, how handy will those be!!! Looking forward to seeing the finished thing, bet you are too xxx

katie squirrel said...

WOw... you have all worked really hard - such a huge amount of progress in your new room! Gorgeous colours you have chosen and I love the drawers you have rescued - they will be so handy for storing your stash!

katie squirrel xx

Rosie said...

Those rescued drawers are just FABULOUS, I can really see why you had to have them. Loving the pink and green colour scheme too!

Niki said...

WOW, it's certainly getting there isn't it. I love the colours you have chosen and those drawers are fantastic, I can't believe schools throw things like this away, wish my school would though, coz then I could have it! Keep us up to date, can't wait to see it when it's all done and full of stash :)

Its All Fiddle Fart said...

I am sooooooo jealous of your drawers, as you well know!

When you decide you want to ditch them cos they don't go with all your new Ikea stuff, you know where to drop them off!

Its All Fiddle Fart said...

Oh .... and so nice to see Rob in the flesh!