Sunday 23 August 2009

Moving in and making progress!

Hi bloppers (for those who don't already know - i didn't- this is a new word i have learnt, it is a combo of blog and hopping - i love it!)

My first pics are a little update that i was just too tired for yesterday! Rob and Rog fitting the skirting, it was an all day job and Rob went round the room and sealed it with caulking once Rog had gone home.

Once the boys had finished i started taking some bits through into my new room and also dismantled a shelf that we no longer have room for!

The next few days are going to be a challenge!
I need to move stuff into the new room but there are 2 big cupboards in the new room that need to go into the old room. Currently there is no room for the cupboards in the old room until i have shifted some if not most of my stuff into the new room and then dismantled the worktop that is in the old room.
There is not enough room in the new room to erect the shelving until the cupboards are moved so it is going to be a tough job!

I started making a pile of stuff in the new room while working around the cupboards!

Once i had moved some stuff over, it was time to get cracking on with moving my dies...and easier job than it sounds! I have A LOT of dies!!
The first lot of dies were my sizzix and small dies, the shelf below is from my old room, it was just a cheapy from argos but has served me well...

I have taken 2 pics, a top and bottom shot so you can see my collection. This is not all of my sizzix, i have a small box that will go on my billy bookcase when it arrives and gets erected. Plus there are several boxes of sizzix alphabet and small dies that i need to find a home!!

My next challenge, and the most work as they weigh a ton!!
My big accucut and ellison dies...
This is about one third to half of my collection, the rest will go on some other metal shelves that i have to free up!

Again the pictures start at the top and move down, i could not get the whole lot is shot as i was against a cupboard!

I told you i had a lot of dies!!! The little timer in the pic goes to a lamp on the landing but that will have to go as my bookshelf will be against that!!

Well that is as far as i have got today!! I have also moved some paper and card from my shelves into my lovely drawers (sorry to all of the ladies who offered them good homes - i am very attached to them!!) they are not quite full yet but i have so much paper from the days when i had a shop selling die cuts!! Hopefully my website will be my next big project and i will be cutting and selling again cos i really enjoy it!

Well that is it for tonight folks... i have a few errands to run tomorrow and then it is move move move!!!


L xXx


Unknown said...

Blimey ... I don't think I have ever seen so many dies in one place!

voodoo vixen said...

Good grief... it will take you years to use all those dies!! Glad it is all coming together at last and your hard work is paying off.

Sally said...

Oh my Goodness!! I would be in Die heaven!! Coming together nicely! It's ace when you finally settle in - I loved it when I moved in to my craft room.

Lorraine said...

OMG!!!! I'm stunned at the amount of dies you have, lol (and also a tad jealous, lol).
Your room will be great. :o)

Kath said...

Your room is definitely taking shape now. It's going to be fabulous I think. I love the colours you have chosen.
HOW many dies?????????? Wow!

ally fiddy said...

How many dies?! Keep going, it'll all be worth it when you're finished.