Saturday 15 August 2009

Nobody Loves Me... Everybody Hates Me...

I have finished early in the craft room to be tonight cos i just feel very down, tearful and sad. I have stopped midway through my last wall of scrubbing cos my heart just is not there anymore.

All day today Rob has been quite off-ish with me, this is because on a Saturday him and his dad work on the house, at the moment it is the kitchen that is being worked on. Because i wanted to try and get the room done in the holidays (so i would have more room to work in in the run up to Christmas) this week has just been solid decorating. Rob has worked on the room with me through the day and stopped about 3 - 4pm but i have continued into the evening once i have made dinner. Today has just seemed a really negative day, rob relies on his dads experience when it comes to decorating as we are quite new to it all and is concerned about laying the click flooring without his dad there to help us. So Rob just keeps saying it will never be finished and now i just feel the same. When you are feeling positive and motivated things seem to happen much quicker, but tonight as i was feeling more and more down about the room, the wall i was scrubbing was just going nowhere - so with tears in my eyes, i gave up.

Even my little Molly-moo is feeling neglected as i have not had time to play in the garden with her...

Despite me feeling so down i am still reporting on today's work... we also went to hombase and i have my paint colours and flooring but i am not up for taking photos of it all tonight - if i wake up in a more positive mood tomorrow i will blog them... promise.

This is Robs dad (Roger) scraping the final wall (the wall i gave up scrubbing) on this wall is a blocked up fireplace, the plastering on it is awful and makes the whole bottom of the wall uneven but i don't care anymore, we have cut so many corners i am just going to paint it a shove my drawers up against it and forget about it!

i don't know if you can see in this pic but on the corner of the 2 walls there is a strip of wood, i think this was done to keep the edges straight before the days of beading and edging strips (the house is 1920's) well both rob and his dad could not come up with a solution as to what to do with the wood as it would not hold plaster. So earlier when i was feeling more positive i decided i was going to make a bit of a feature of it and paint it in white satinwood to match the skirting, a bit like a beam or something! There is one either side of the chimney breast so i think i will look quite nice but we will see! Rob said i can't call it a feature wall as there is no glass of fish involved, so i am going to call it my accent wall!!

some more plastering, we don't think that this is going to be flush with the wall as all the main power cables run down here and so what we plan to do is pop my metal shelves in front of it for now and when Rob boards the ceiling he will board this wall as well.

bit of expanding foam to fill the hole in the ceiling made by the electrician.....grrr @ the electrician
While grr-ing at the electrician that brings me to a little update from yesterday... my problematic plug socket can not be moved :o( so i am just going to have to hope for the best with my bookcase and hope that it holds up well on it's own, otherwise i may be crushed to death when hammering in and eyelet or reaching for the pritt stick!!!

on a positive note.... looky at this crack
Now you see it...

...Now you don't!!!!
I am very proud of this!! I can not climb ladders i have a total fear of it so to fill this crack in the ceiling i put on my highest pair of heels and used a long paintbrush to apply the pollyfilla!!! I am very pleased with myself, i have tried to do a stipled texture and i think that once painted you will not be able to notice it!!
Right i am going to drag myself off to bed, if i stay up i will just get sadder and sadder!!
L xXx


ButterflyBeadwear said...

I am sure they dont hate you. Men get a bit groochy sometimes-and we girls take it heart dont we!! Also I bet you are all very tired which doesnt make you feel great either. I'm sure you will wake up feeling great.
Gosh you have a lot of work to do-but once you get all the hard jobs done and start painting you will sail through-pink and lime sounds fantastic.
Where will you get the furniture-if I was in the UK I owuld go to Ikea!
I would love to have my own room but I do have my own corner, with a pink desk, and 2 sets of drawers-it feels very special because it is my own. I will try and put some photos on my blog-if photobucket is behaving itself!
Take Care and hope you have a better day today.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to take a break - you have achieved so much so far. I know you want to rush to get it finished but if you burn yourself out you won't work to your best ability. Give yourself & OH a little rest and you will both feel much better about it all. I am so impatient so understand you wanting it all done but imagine how great it will be when you're scrapping away in there. Sorry to lecture but I've been listening to the FLYLADY & she goes on about this all the time