Friday 14 August 2009

Tired Bunnies!

We are still hard at it.... the decorating that is!
Rob has been plastering, some bits have had to have one layer and will need patching again tomorrow like the light here...

This wall has been patched, some of the patching i even did myself - woo Rob taught me to fill or is that patch?

A nicely patched and plastered plug socket (and floor... ROBERT!!)
the plug sockets stick out a little bit this is due to a not so brill electrician that did our re-wiring!! If we had more time Rob and his dad would have cut out the brickwork and made it a little more flush, but this will be behind the expedit so no one will see!!

Remember the holes above the window.....Voila!!!
This is one of the few bits that need scrubbing, but is is still a bit fragile so gentle scrubbing is in order! There is only above the door and the chimney breast left that needs stripping and scrubbing but at the mo there is a wardrobe in front of it so that needs shifting first!!

This is where the main power supply runs from the loft down through the upstairs of the house and down into the dining room (soon to be Robs Games Room!!) and into the consumer unit.
This was really hard for Rob to plaster as it is flush with the wall without and plaster so it may not be a perfect finish on there! We will know more tomorrow when it gets a second coat of plaster.
I have some metal shelves in the current craft room which will go in this little alcove so they should cover the most of it, all of my heavy accucut dies will go on the shelves as they weigh a ton and would warp wooden shelves!

This is my problem at the moment, this little plug socket here... this wall is the wall that i had planned to have a BILLY bookcase system running along, but i think with the plug socket sticking out it will not sit flush against the wall, i really have my heart set on this bookcase and so am going to ask Rob's dad tomorrow if it would be possible to move it over the the forward facing wall as there is only a little shelf unit going there that is on casters so it will not get in the way. i will let you know what Rob's dad thinks, he is pretty good with all stuff DIY!!!

I finished scrubbing these 2 walls at 11pm last night - no wonder my arms feel like i have spent the week boxing on the wii!!!!

We are keeping the artex on the ceiling for the time being, eventually rob will board it but we just don't have the time at the moment so a lick of paint is all it is going to get!!
We are off to Homebase tomorrow as i have a 15% off voucher so it is flooring and paint tomorrow!!
I have decided to go for a really pale pink and a really pale lime green, the wall above and the window wall are going to be green, these 2 walls will have white furniture against them which i think will set the green off! The other 2 walls will be a really pale pink and those will have the wooden furniture against them which i think will go quite well??? We will see!!
I am hoping for a birch effect click flooring, i like pale woods and think that will go well with the colours and furniture.
Right then, its corrie and then another scrubbing session for me i thinks!!!

L xXx

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Anonymous said...

Nice to read an update. Colour scheme sounds lovely - can't wait to see it on the walls!