Tuesday 29 September 2009

Really Frustrated.....

I am really cross and frustrated tonight...

I have just had an email back from a craft company about a product i have purchased from them, a die cutter to be precise.

I purchased the die cutter quite a few months ago for my wedding stationary and favour boxes, it was not cheap but i saw it as an investment.
I emailed them over the weekend as the machine was not cutting as i thought it should and i wondered if it needed a part changing (i am keeping this quite vauge as i don't want to name names until i have had a further response from them) I looked on the website and could not find the machine nor the part i needed??????
A little confused i emailed them and this is the response i got:

Thank you for your email regarding our **** Machine. I am sorry that you have been unsuccessful at finding this machine on our web page. The website was under maintenance for a short period so I am guessing that you have probably tried to look for the machine at this time.

Please follow the link below as this will direct you straight to the **** machine and Accessories.

Link removed

The machine hasn’t been discontinued; however we found that some of the machine had a slight weakness when cutting creased dies. We have therefore introduced the xxxx machine which is very similar to the ****, yet is specifically designed to be more efficient at cutting creased dies.

This isn’t a problem for crafters who wish to simply combine their Prestige and Sizzix products; however this was more of a replacement item for those in Design & Technology departments etc who are only using Net dies etc

We were originally trying to introduce a replacement section to combat this, however this has proven unsuccessful hence the release of a new machine.

If you find that this problem applies to you then please let me know as we can look into issuing a replacement machine for you. Please note that at this present time the only machine we can issue as a replacement is the kkkk which can also be viewed on our website.

This machine however, cannot cut Sizzix dies.

Please let me know if I can help you any further.

The machine they are offering as a replacement (called kkkk in email) i already have, ut choe to upgrade so to speack as a roller machine was easier to use. I have emailed them adviseing that i was frustrated that i had tried to use this machine not knowing there was a problem for months and months and they didn't consider issuing a notice to say that i may experience problems. I have also asked if they will be offering a roller machine as a replacement (even offering to pay the difference) as i had the machine they wanted to exchange it for and also brought the roller machine as i struggle with the other machine due to a wrist injury.

I know there is nothing you guys, out there in blogland can do, but i just wanted to vent my frustration and i will let you know of any progess i have but do not hold out much hope, what spoils it for me all the more is that this is my fave company, the company i dream of working for and i feel a bit let down by them right now :o(

Hugs bloggers



bubbachenille said...

I would be very frustrated too! Hope you keep persuing this til you get a favourable outcome !

Kerry said...

Hope you manage to get it sorted out. Keep on at them until it is replaced.