Thursday 1 October 2009

A quick update to my last post!

I have emailed them back the following email...

Hi xxxxx,

Thank you for getting back to me

I had experienced this problem with dies that have a crease as i do cut a lot of card blanks and boxes! I thought it was me doing something wrong or that maybe there was a fault with the roller hence me asking about rollers. I have only done around 50 cuts with the machine as it leaves me frustrated!!

I don't kow if you can ell from my orders but I do have a xxxx already. I purchased the **** thinking it would be quicker and easier to use, i do struggle at times with the handle on the xxxx machine due to poor wrists. I find the roller action a lot easier than the pushing down action.

Are there any future plans to exchange the **** for another roller machine at all as this is really what i need as it is easier on my wrists?

I do not mind paying the difference between 2 machines but do feel a little frustrated to think i may be left with a machine that is hard to use and a machine that does not really live up to the expectations.

I am also a little frustrated that yyyy did not contact owners of this machine to advise of the problems with the machine and advise that thery were working on a solution

I have a blog which i post on a lot about die cutting and heve been asked several times to review the **** for my readers, but have been hesitant to do this as i am a huge fan of yyyy and love your products but felt the machine fell just short of the mark which is a huge shame as i would love to reccomend it to people.

If you could let me know what other options are available to be i would be very happy, these large macines are a huge investment.

Thank you

In reponse to this email i had this reply the following day...

Hi Lisa,

The only other machine I can suggest to you would be our PPPP which is due to be released in November. This is also a Roller Machine and combines both the Sizzix and Prestige dies. It has a 13” base so can also be used with larger dies.

This machine will be priced at roughly £250.00.

Of course I will have to check with my supervisor before agreeing to swap the machine as I unfortunately don’t have the authority to allow this.

I will be forwarding your emails to my supervisor and will keep you updated on all decisions.

Please let me know if I can help you any further in the mean time.

Kind regards,

So i am trying to stay positive and hoping that my fave company will come through for me!!!

Will keep you updated

L xXx

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