Friday 2 October 2009

A Cheap Sizzix Cheat...

You may have seen from my earlier post i have brought a new die :o)
I have several of the Bigz XL dies and do find that the ones with creases do sometimes cut too well and the crease becomes a cut. I know you can buy a crease pad... but i could have another die for that!
So today i had a little experiment and came up with a perfect sandwich solution!! and it cost...wait for it...approx 41p!!!!!!

Take 1 Ikea chopping mat, these are the flexible ones that come in a pack of 2 in various colours they are £1.65 per pack, but you will get 4 "craftfairies crease mats" from this!!

Cut the mat into 2 length ways... i tried just replacing the top acrylic mat with this but it is a little too thin...

So...I took the box that my XL dies came in and cut out the main front and back panels, the edges were a litte sharp in places so i have popped some sellotape all around the edges, this also keeps the 2 pieces of plastic together!

So the sandwhich is... normal acrylic mat, home made plastic shim, die, card, ikea mat

And the result... the most perfect cut!!

Hope you try it

L xXx


Monica Gale said...

Oh my God how clever is that I will deffo show this to all my crafty friends what a saving. Hugs

Unknown said...

Fabulous tip!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, what a great idea!!