Thursday 18 February 2010

Sock Cupcakes! This time with a tutorial!!

I have made these for little easter and mothers day gifts, i did the same last year with flanels and face cloths so needed a new spin this year!

And i have actually done a tutorial for these, it works for the flanels too you just have to experiment with the folding - I normally fold my flanels into 4 diagonally

Fancy a go... Keep reading!

These use one pair of ladies socks, keep the 2 socks together and lay flat...this photo is a little wrong, the heel should be at the top!

Fold the sock almost in half, leave the top of the sock a little short of the toe - this will give you a neater finish

Then fold around a 3rd of the sock over (this will depend on the depth and size of your muffin case so you may need to experiment)

Then from the heel end start rolling, you may need to keep the fold in place as you roll

When fully rolled the top should look a bit like this, it wont look perfect...well mine never do!

Then pop it into its muffin case - i have used mini muffin cases for mine as the standard ones were way too big, i could have used 2 socks i guess.

I have finished mine off with large diamantes from poundland, last year i used bath pearls but i suppose there are several things you could use depending on how expensive you wanted to make the gift

Hope you like them, and if you fancy having a go yourself feel free to link back to this tutorial


Lisa xXx


clare said...

Hi Lisa Hun x

How spooky is this..just doing some blog hopping before i upload my sock when i was nosing round you blog the other day i seen your other ones with facecloths..and than yesterday my mum had bought me a pair of mums and i thought of your cupcakes...mine does'nt look as good as i tried to make my own once uploaded ill give you a shout out for your tutorial...TFS hugs clare xx

p.s can't wait to meet up at the getting so excited

Anne said...

Love those - they look great!

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa - these are great and loved your flannel ones too. Hope you don't mind me asking - but how much would you charge at a craft fayre for something like this - I have totally no idea.

Thanks in anticipation of letting me know

Paula x x x

Unknown said...

hi Lisa - me again, after a good old look around your blog tonight, i've awarded you an award for being and inspirational crafter.

If you wish to accept it (not sure whether you go in for blog awards) its on my blog waiting...

Paula x x x

Sandra said...

They just look so super cute :)

Molly said...

Super Socks! I just signed on as a follower and put your button on my blog. come visit it at

Sewing, Quilting And A Bunch of Whatever

Claire said...

They look fab, Now I can make DH's Christmas Present look more exciting than it really is :lol

CraftCrave said...

Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the Tutorials category today (look for timestamp: [19 Feb 01:00pm GMT]).

Jennifer N. said...

Wow! What an adorable idea. I usually turn to paper crafts such as scrapbooking when I'm creating a gift for someone, but I might have to break from tradition and try this next time I'm in need of a splendid gift. I'm not sure if I've seen muffin tins like that though. Maybe they are unique to the UK? I'll have to keep my eyes open.

Thanks for the post!

Mood Queen said...

Hi Craft Fairy,

Mood Queen here. I have just started my own blog and following you too! I loved this sock cupcake idea and made my own version for some friends. I have put a link to your tutorial, do check it out!