Wednesday 17 February 2010

What's on your workdesk Wednesday?

Not a lot..... Take note of this as i don't think it has ever been so tidy!!! Its half term and it really needed a spring clean!
In the pic above you will see my laptop that i talk to you guys on! Pink - of course! and my craft robo

This desk joins on to the side of my laptop and robo desk and is where i do my making! It is on wheels so i often scoot it around when i fancy a change!

And these 2 desks are my die cutting area, they are pushed together and from left to right hold my ellison roll model, manual bigshot, electric bigshot, basket of cutting plates, and my cricut create (which is for sale at the mo - click here for details)

So...Whats on yours?

Lisa xXx


Dan said...

I'm in awe, I could only dream of being so tidy, lol Well done! :)

Sandra said...

oohhhh it all looks so yummy :) .. and I think you'll find there is room for me to come and play LOL.

Unknown said...

awww love you craft room, going green with envy i would love a little place to be creative.Xx

Judith said...

It all looks very inviting but I must say that the window ledge is looking rather more cluttered than it did a few days ago. LOL x

Sally said...

LOL mine has been used a lot since it is 1/2 term! Not as tidy as yours!!

Claire said...

You have an area just for die cutting? oh I'm so jealous I'm turning green here :lol.

Luna Art said...

Love your craft room and its so super tidy!

Anne said...

So, so impressed at the tidiness, and in direct contrast to my own photo this week!

I'm intrigued at what you do with all the lovely stuff you make. Do you sell it at craft fairs or online?

Unknown said...

impressed - even looks like you probably DUST in there too!!!

Back to normal when kids back at school?

Paula x x x

Unknown said...

obviously i meant because you'll also be back to work - just realised what my previous message may have implied you were off because you had some... (i'll just put the spade away...)

Paula x x x