Monday 15 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

I know I am a day late, but I am still not very well!
Due to feeling poorly I was in need of a quick mothers day card that i could make 2 of without feeling sick or tired!

And here is the end result and to be honest, probably the quickest card ever but oh so pretty, much prettier in real life!!

The butterfly is a de-constructed Primark necklace and it is mounted on some stunning cards that I found in Ikea!!! They were not cheap £1.99 for 6 but come with a matching pearl envelope and handmade paper insert too so they are a true touch of luxury!!

There were 3 sizes in Ikea, large square, C6 and a smaller pack, i used the small size for this card

I would just like to end with a thank you to everyone who has sent me get well wishes! I ended up in A&E last tuesday night / wednesday morning as i was in so much pain with my kidney (if you were in New Cross Hospital at about 2.30am wednesday morning and had to witness the ordeal of me in my nightie and fluffy grey slippers screaming and moaning in pain - i am truely sorry!) They gave me some pain killers (which did nothing and made me wait for the doctor to see me, after what felt like forever i was given a bed and waited for the doctor who then sent me for x-rays. The x-rays did not show kidney stones which is what they think i have so they gave me several more pain killers - 2 more tablets, and injection in my leg and 2 things up my bottom! That shows how much pain i was in!!!! By about 5am the paid had subsided into more of an ache and they let me go shortly after with antibiotics and a letter for my doctor! The doc gave me pain killers and a week off work and had also requested i have a scan on my kidneys too!
So all in all an eventful week! I have only really started to feel like me again today and felt up to blogging, hope there are some of you out there still reading as i have been a very bad blogger lately!


Lisa xXx


Kath said...

Your cards are lovely ,Lisa. I hope you feel much better now after your horrible week.

Di said...

Lovely cards Lisa. Sorry to hear you've had another trauma.I've been wondering how you were coping with your injections, that's enough to have to deal with and now this, poor you. Hugs, Di.xx

maddy hill said...

ohhhhhh very elegantly pretty ..
maddy x

Alix said...

oh gosh...i love those ikea cards...and your butterflies look great on them!

hope you feel better soon...

Unknown said...

Hugs to you. Gorgeous butterflies.

Unknown said...

lovely card lisa. I'm sorry to read about your pain and hope that they soon find out what is wrong and put it right for you.

Paula x x x

Hazel said...

Such a classy card. I've only just caught up with the news you've been so unwell - hope you are feeling better and that you don't have to wait too long for the scan x

clare said...

such a lovely card x

sorry to hear of your hospital trip..i hope your feeling better soon.sending get well wishes hugs clare xx

Glen said...

I love the pearl cards and envies Lisa. You always make such beautiful creations. I used to live in New Cross in the 60's - loved it then. I hope you are feeling better than of late. TFS. ~Glen~