Friday 26 March 2010

Poorly AGAIN! But something to look forward to!

I have been poorly again :o( I am quite fed up with feeling so crappy and low lately, I don't think i have felt 100% for a single day in march so i al looking forward to April and hope it is a better month for me!
I do have something to look forward to though, tomorrow is mine and Helens twice yearly pilgrimage to the NEC in Birmingham for the Hobbycrafts show, We save and talk about it in the run up with such excitement and once it is over we moan that we have not used what we have brought yet and tell each other that we must not impulse buy! We often tell each other not to let the other buy a certain thing, this time around my banned buy is ribbon and helen is not buying anymore stamps!!!

So why the strange photo of the dorky bag i hear you ask?!

Dorky it may be but i fell in love with this when i saw it in a cheap homestore a few months back, i brought it purely for my trip to the NEC as i thought it had a great patterned paper feel to it!!!

So if you see me wandering round with it tomorrow - prob bursting with goodies, give me a prod and say hi!

Its an early night for me tonight as i have not been sleeping well and will need my energy for tomorrow!


Lisa xxx


Ali said...

Hope you have had a great day - please post a photo of your new stash!! I am a bit of a bag addict and I love your new bag!! (can I ask which store??)

Unknown said...

I hope you have a fab time Lisa and that you start feeling much better soon X
Fab new bag!

Di said...

Happy shopping to you both,hope you're feeling strong.Di. xx

tea_bag said...

Have a fab day I love the bag

TAM said...

Love the bag and will look out for it and you tomorrow as I will be at the NEC also (taking my daughter for company and no doubt she will spend as much as me - only my money unfortunately) Happy shopping

clare said...

Sorry to hear your still feeling sure a shopping spree tomo will left your spiritsx
gorgeous it!
i sooo cant wait to get to meet you and helen all excited so until than..hope you have a great night sleep..speak soon hugs clare xx

Angie said...

I love that bag ...have a great day may perk you up a bit ... I think qite a few have had illnesses that bring them down this year ...I had that flu bug for 5 weeks takes something fun to break the pattern.